Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen: Review


This review was originallly published on 4/2/15.

*I was given an Advanced Release Copy of this title by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*  

As a devout Dessen fan, I had a complete stage five melt down when I read on her blog a while back that she had “abandoned” her current book and we may not be seeing a new release this summer, then I realized that Saint Anything was in fact on the way, and I knew I had to get my hands on it before it released. Because of you wonderful readers, and my students, I got to review the title early!

Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite girly YA writers. Many people are claiming that Dessen has abandoned her traditional storytelling, and I wouldn’t entirely disagree. If like me you fell hard for love stories like Macy and Wes, Remy and Dexter, Annabel and Owen, or Eli and Auden you likely won’t be head over heels for Saint Anything. However, if you were like me and while you loved the first romance tales but LOVED the devastating heartbreak brought to us by Dessen in Dreamland you’re going to be a complete fanatic over this darker coming of age story.

This story is a life story, with a pure romance tale woven into the background. As readers we follow Sydney—a teenager attending Perkins Day (Yes, THAT Perkins Day) and watching the ripples of the tidal wave known as Peyton, her older brother has left behind. When her brother, the proverbial repetitive offending golden child is brought to justice after a DUI injuring a town hero, Sydney’s life is changed. With Peyton out of the direct light of her mother and father Sydney finds herself no longer entirely invisible. We follow Sydney making her own path, out from under the heavy weight that her brother’s shadow cast. Finding herself as a new school, with new friends, family, safety, and love the reader sees a true story arch with Saint Anything.

My second favorite part? The fact that like in almost all of Sarah Dessen’s novels, she gives you a glimpse or two into the “where are they now?” of some of her past characters. Readers of Dreamland you won’t believe what a certain horrific antagonist is up to…

Run to your favorite book store to grab the newest Dessen book when it hits shelves this May!!


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