The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter: Review

The First TIme She Drowned

While this book is one of fiction, Kerry Kletter weaves so much realism into the pages that at times it was hard for me to distinguish that this wasn’t happening in real time to someone that I cared about–or myself. To be able to write such a realistic portrayal of depression, suicide, abuse, and so many more triggering topics with such beautiful language is what will set Kerry Kletter on the “must read” shelf at every book store this summer. I found myself continually comparing Kerry Kletter to Jandy Nelson, author of I’ll Give You The Sun in the indescribable way that she paints such violent events with such  beautiful words.

To say that I gorged myself on this title would be slightly under-kill. I didn’t just read The First Time She Drowned, I breathed it.

I can’t begin to recommend this book enough to young adults, old adults, in-between adults, daughters, mothers, fathers, and anyone with a pulsing happening in their chest.I firmly believe that you should take a moment to step back and place it into your Amazon cart, immediately.

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Chalkboard Filing Cabinet Organization: Project Saturdays

This Saturday I decided to tackle a project that I’ve been putting of for months: Organizing all of the paperwork shoved in drawers around my house and giving everything a place.

My husband and mother in law are incredibly thrifty, and found a small two drawer filing cabinet at a local estate auction last summer for less than five dollars. While it is still in amazing condition, I really wanted to DIY the cabinet into being more modern and fun for our living space.

My mother in law had this bottle of chalkboard paint laying in her crafting trove, so I was able to borrow it from her. She found it at TJ Maxx for 3.99, but here is the exact same type that I used for 9.99 on Amazon!

image1 (2)

Here is what the filing cabinet looked like before I started my painting party. (Anytime Britney Spears and Hanson are playing, anything can be a party, right?) I gave it a really great scrub down with some Krud Kutter cleaner.

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Ten Things I Didn’t Know About My Husband Until We Got Married: Musing

Getting married always seemed like a bit of a pipe dream for my husband and I. We started dating when we were eighteen, and didn’t get engaged until we were both finished with college, and he was finished his first year of graduate school. Marriage was something we always talked about, but we never were able to really visualize it as an actual happening.

Because we were idiots  geniuses we closed on our house two and a half weeks before we got married, and decided to go ahead and move in together. Luckily, in those two weeks we were so busy and bone weary exhausted that the awkward sharing space stage just kind of passed.

However, it is now April, and we definitely have some things that I have realized about him that I never would have before we got married!

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The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen: Review


The Light of the Fireflies

While scanning through the recommendations on my Kindle page, I spotted this cover and instantly read the description and downloaded the title. I’ve decided that this book is what would happen if Room met The Shock of the Fall and had a book baby involving insects.

I read the entire book in less than two days and could not put it down. Finding myself constantly running between the emotions of wanting The Boy to experience the world, and wanting The Boy to stay and be with his family was exhausting. When I finished the book I found myself unable to describe it eloquently without ruining everything that I loved discovering firsthand.

The language and writing style of Paul Pen is exquisite, and I found myself really needing to highlight things I found poignant  multiple times in every chapter. The ability to portray a child as being adored, required, and desperately wanted but still  abused was not only astonishing to read but was breathtakingly emotional. The book handles a lot of hard topics, including incest, murder, and mental health.

The Boy has only known the basement. The Boy’s father has told him all about the outside world and he believes that leaving will hurt worse than a thousand blisters.

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