Ten Things I Didn’t Know About My Husband Until We Got Married: Musing

Getting married always seemed like a bit of a pipe dream for my husband and I. We started dating when we were eighteen, and didn’t get engaged until we were both finished with college, and he was finished his first year of graduate school. Marriage was something we always talked about, but we never were able to really visualize it as an actual happening.

Because we were idiots  geniuses we closed on our house two and a half weeks before we got married, and decided to go ahead and move in together. Luckily, in those two weeks we were so busy and bone weary exhausted that the awkward sharing space stage just kind of passed.

However, it is now April, and we definitely have some things that I have realized about him that I never would have before we got married!

#1 He will forever be the master of the fridge organization.

My husband is great at a lot of things…honestly! However one area where he will best any competitor is in making sure to check the expiration dates on EVERYTHING in the fridge at least once a week. Me? Unless I open the yogurt and it looks all disgusting…I’m probably not going to check the expiration date.

#2 He will complain about the “trash” television I watch, but will sit and watch it with me.

Our DVR is constantly brimming with all things Shondaland, Bravo, and Bachelor. Usually I am met with a smarmy comment about the caliber of television I engage in, but 9/10 times when the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are on…my husband will sit and watch. Not entirely enthralled, but definitely not disinterested. Most of the time, he will ask questions about who the main players are, and how they are with the others in the show…or will want filled in on basic plot points.

#3 He will eat anything I cook, and won’t complain.

I really enjoy cooking, and my husband has (at least twice) been on the bad end of a Pinterest fail dinner. He is a human garbage disposal, and as long as you keep him fed he is normally quite happy. Even if what I made tastes awful, and I won’t eat my own cooking…he will finish his dinner and then eloquently make a request for the next meal with something that he knows that he likes. Most often he will give me a kiss and tell me to stop apologizing for the food he just choked down so he can clean up the dishes for me. How blessed am I, though?

#4 I take my work home with me. He makes that okay.

As a teacher, I often find myself sitting across from him at the end of the day in a complete foul mood because of something that happened during my day at work. Whether it’s to complain  vent to him about something I feel I did poorly, something that went JUST like the way it did in my head, or bouncing an idea for tomorrow’s lesson off of him–he listens intently and offers me honest feedback. As an added bonus, he has gotten really great at helping me grade standardized things that I find incredibly monotonous but he finds oddly calming.

#5 He encourages me to spend time with myself, and others.

While living in a bubble of two (or three, if you count Barley!) is as wonderful as I dreamed it would be, I still crave social interactions with my friends. When a girlfriend invites me to dinner, he is happily ready to eat leftovers while he watches ESPN uninterrupted. When I say I need a trip to TJ Maxx to find a good deal on something, he tells me to have fun. When I say I want to sit alone upstairs and watch reruns of Downton Abbey…he stays downstairs. It’s actually quite glorious.

#6 He calls me a cup troll.

I have always had a habit of taking something to drink to bed with me, and then the next day I forget that it’s there and bring another one. Repeating this cycle until there are so many cups that it’s absurd and I have to take them down to the sink. When I lived at home, it would drive my mother crazy too–she would even make the call, “DO YOU HAVE ANY DISHES IN YOUR BEDROOM BEFORE I START THE DISHWASHER?” down the hall to me almost daily. This drives him absolutely mad, but I still haven’t found a really great way to remind myself not to do it. He calls me a cup troll, and I’m alright with that for now.

#7 When he watches a sport on television, I feel like I’m there.

When he watches a live sporting event, it’s impossible not to be in a good mood. Screaming at the television, cheering with the score raising, kirking out when it starts to get dicey, and jumping off of the couch when they win…it’s infectious. I’ll happily bring him as many beers as he wants when I’m getting such free entertainment.

#8 He is a snoozer by nature…and now I am, too.

I was always the person that jumped out of bed at the first alarm. Hitting the snooze button always seemed entirely stupid to me, so I never did it. He is the exact opposite…and almost counts on the extra few minutes that the snooze alarm provides every morning. Since we wake at the same time every morning, I’ve discovered that I’d rather lay awake in bed beside my gently snoozing husband for an extra fifteen minutes than get the jump start on my day I’m used to.

#9 He MUST have a plan.

While I envision myself as a “go with the flow” type of gal, I understand that my type “A” personality would never let that happen. My husband? He takes type “A” to another level. We went to Disney with his parents right after I graduated college, and my mother in law and I would constantly eye-roll at the “hustle we have to do…” directives we got from our trip director. Whether it’s planning out what he will do in the day, and when he will do it–or it’s planning all of the stops along a road trip a week before we take leave…he must plan. Sometimes this drives me absolutely crazy–but sometimes it is really calming to know that I don’t need to concern myself with the tedious planning of a trip, or a Saturday at home.

#10 He squeezes the toothpaste from the center out.

First of all, I know how irrational this sounds to add to this list. However…what kind of animal squeezes the toothpaste from the middle of the tube? This is definitely one of those things that you never know about a person until you share the same tube of toothpaste. While hilarious, I will definitely admit that I’ve contemplated getting my own while he uses the other like a complete and total savage. I have my cup troll tendencies, and he has this. Even, right?


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