A Few (or Eight) From My Summer Reading List: Review

Well, as I spend the second to last Friday of my summer vacation cuddled on the sofa with a good book–I realized I hadn’t shared my summer book list with you!


Usually I begin the summer with a pile of books that have come from my classroom shelves. 80% of those titles are recommendations from my students I couldn’t squeeze into the school year, but I want to be able to talk to them about when they return as seventh graders this year. The other 20% are titles I bought for our class library, but were just too perfect to leave on the shelf all summer long without a good read through. Add to that pile the books that I snag from the library, my fellow bookies, and some of my favorite Instagram feeds–and I always have more of a mountain, than a realistic pile of books to occupy my time. I’ve decided to only share books that I read this summer and LOVED.

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