Iron Daughters Subscription Box: Mama Likes

I tried the Iron Daughters Subscripton Box.png

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore a good deal, a cute boutique find, and things being delivered directly to me. Wrap those things together and I’m a regular subscriber to companies like iPsy GlamBag, Sephora PLAY, and daily deal sites like that find the boutique best for me.

When one of my friends from my cheerleading days and her business partner opened up their own business in downtown Martinsburg, I was thrilled. A place that had the boutique finds that I so love to wear at an affordable price–AND I can could shop online so that I didn’t have to leave the house? I was ecstatic.

Cue ahead to a week later and Emily announced on Facebook that their new boutique, Iron Daughters, was going to start doing HAND PICKED subscription boxes for $30.00 with some amazing loot inside, and I was begging her to sign me up. When they posted that you were guaranteed a top in your size (not one size fits all style like so many sub boxes out there!), 2 accessories, and inspirational bonuses I was legitimately running home every day with the hope that my box had arrived.

When the box arrived I was ecstatic, Emily and Brittany mailed it and then two days later I came home to this!


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Childcare Part 2- The Surprise Visit: Pregnancy

Daycare 2.png

If you missed part one in the Childcare Series, click here to catch up before reading on!

So you’ve done your homework, made your list, and you’ve checked it twice. At this point, you likely have anywhere between three to seven trillion options that meet your requirements from our figuring out the basics list.

What do we do next? Well, the best advice that I have for you is to do what I liked to call “drive by” or “pop in ” visits to these places.

Think about it, if you know that your in laws are coming for dinner on Tuesday night you’re going to make something really yummy, clean the house, and light that fancy candle you reserve for special occasions, right? Unless you hate your in laws…anyway I digress.

I started driving to the places that I was really interested in finding out more about at random times and asking if the director, or a staff member, could show me around. You’d be so surprised by some of the things that I saw.

This was the most eye opening thing for me, to see the way that the childcare providers were interacting with the children that were under their care.

You should be very observant of the surroundings, and ask questions if you want further information.

For example:

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Childcare Part 1- The Basics: Pregnancy

Daycare1.1 (1).png

When we found out that I was pregnant we waited what seemed a short time to us, but a long time to others to share the news. I was fifteen weeks when we officially told people outside our immediate families, and the first thing that so many people turned back and said to me was, “Congratulations! If you’re going to work and not stay home, you should really start calling daycares.”

Obviously, I knew better. This handful of people couldn’t be serious. At fifteen weeks pregnant, there was NO way that I needed to start thinking about daycare options for my unborn daughter, right?

Wrong. So, so, so, wrong.

After calling around to a few places I realized that I was already about six weeks behind the curve, and that not only where there a ton of daycare facilities to choose from…but that very few of them had openings seven months out.

So what does a Type “A”, anxiety driven, and control freak like me do? I made a plan.

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