Iron Daughters Subscription Box: Mama Likes

I tried the Iron Daughters Subscripton Box.png

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore a good deal, a cute boutique find, and things being delivered directly to me. Wrap those things together and I’m a regular subscriber to companies like iPsy GlamBag, Sephora PLAY, and daily deal sites like that find the boutique best for me.

When one of my friends from my cheerleading days and her business partner opened up their own business in downtown Martinsburg, I was thrilled. A place that had the boutique finds that I so love to wear at an affordable price–AND I can could shop online so that I didn’t have to leave the house? I was ecstatic.

Cue ahead to a week later and Emily announced on Facebook that their new boutique, Iron Daughters, was going to start doing HAND PICKED subscription boxes for $30.00 with some amazing loot inside, and I was begging her to sign me up. When they posted that you were guaranteed a top in your size (not one size fits all style like so many sub boxes out there!), 2 accessories, and inspirational bonuses I was legitimately running home every day with the hope that my box had arrived.

When the box arrived I was ecstatic, Emily and Brittany mailed it and then two days later I came home to this!


Well hello beautiful packaging! I knew immediately that this had truly been hand crafted, the attention to detail was not unnoticed as I (slowly, so we could have gorgeous photographic evidence of this treasure) unpacked my items. I mean look at how cute this gold detailed wrapping is!


Immediately I was in love with what I found upon opening the glistening tissue paper. Inside I found not one, but two inspirational business card sized quotes. One, a bible verse  and the other an inspirational quote from Desmond Tulu.

“I have you in my heart…you share in God’s grace with me.”

“Do a little bit of good where you are. It’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Emily and Brittany, the ladies behind Iron Daughters, truly walk by faith. (Emily is actually beginning a program shortly to become a pastor!!) I love that they have made this apparent in these subscription boxes! I put both of the cards in my school bag, so that they can decorate my desk at work. Who doesn’t need a little more positivity in their day?



Now here is where I was honestly blown away. Not going to lie, I was kind of worried that the clothing/accessories in my monthly boxes would be leftover stock items, or maybe things that I wouldn’t necessarily have sought out to purchase on my own. I love a classic, but still on trend look–and that can be really hard to find in a subscription service. When I opened the remaining tissue paper to find this…I knew that Iron Daughters had their stuff together and had something really great going on.


A small package with my accessories, two super cute stationary pencils, and this GORGEOUS navy and floral tunic top.

I had let Iron Daughters know that I was looking to build my post-baby wardrobe, but I was absolutely elated when I realized they sent me a tunic that would not only look spectacular post baby, but that I could easily rock it as maternity wear with some leggings and booties. I’m actually planning to wear this to my an even on Friday, so stay tuned for a picture of how it looks on!

Inside my accessory package, which honestly I was super excited I got to open–like an early Christmas present–I found the cutest moonstone vintage style ring, and the cutest neutral colored button ear warmer. Not going to lie, I’ve already worn the ear warmer with my maternity coat to walk Barley in the windy evening!

To sum up my first subscription box from Iron Daughters:

30.00 is a bargain. I would have paid at least 40.00 for the tunic alone, honestly! When you add up the retail prices of my items, I was well over 55.00 in product. To me, I genuinely feel like the price is an amazing deal AND the products inside were of excellent quality. There wasn’t any one item I felt like was “junk” or something I wouldn’t use.

The jewelry and accessories were NOT cast offs, they not only were on trend, but they are things that I would have purchased for myself if I was shopping their brick and mortar boutique, or online.

The best part of all of this? That I’ve partnered with Iron Daughters to help YOU get the this amazing subscription box at a discounted price.

Iron Daughters.png

Head over here: 

Grab yourself their subscription box and save 20% off your first box, and FREE shipping on any additional items that may find their way into your shopping bag.

Just use the code: GINGERLUV at checkout to get your discount and free shipping. Then, be sure to send me pictures and updates on what comes in YOUR box!

Shop around, there are SO many cute designs and accessories that are updated ALL the time.

A little Q&A with Iron Daughters Momtrepreneurs Emily and Brittany:

Most of us locals know you both as our go-to LuLaRoe girls, what sparked the transition into opening your own business?

Starting our own business has always been a huge dream of ours. LuLaRoe provided us with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience but ultimately our passion lies with building our own brand and company.

Iron Daughters has a boutique location in downtown Martinsburg, but also has an online shopping component through your website. What’s been the hardest part of having a brick and mortar location?

Being two moms (one who is also working full time, Britt, as an accountant) it can be challenging to be open the amount of hours we would like to. We have an amazing employee, who helps out as much as she can. However, with limited employees and busy mom life style things can get hectic.

Who would you say the “ideal” Iron Daughter client would be?

 Our ideal customer is those ranging in ages from 25ish-40s. Our ultimate goal is to provide affordable fashion that will make every woman feel beautiful and confident. As women, especially as moms, spending money on our own clothes can deemed excessive when you are also buying diapers, formula, kids clothes, college books, etc. We want women to feel like they can come to us to jazz up their wardrobe while not also breaking the bank.

What gave you the idea to start doing a subscription box service?

Our subscription box service idea was actually one of the original bricks in the foundation Iron Daughters. We originally thought we would start our business as purely a subscription service, however, we couldn’t give up on our clothing obsession!

What sets the Iron Daughters subscription box apart from other companies offering a similar product?
Each Of our boxes is hand picked for each individual customer. No two boxes are ever the same. We want each person to feel special and loved when they receive their box! It’s your own little box of love each month!
Having a business partner can’t always be easy, what are some of the perks and harder parts to working with your good friend?
Working with your best friend certainly has some perks! For example those coffee dates turn into business meetings real quick! Having a business partner is always challenging as you both have differing opinions and thoughts. The key is having a strong working relationship and friendship but being able to separate the two. B is the bread to my butter, the peanut butter to my jelly! We both have strengths and they are different so we know where we work best. I have a major marketing brain and she’s on top of the accounting constantly. You have to have the right partner to make it a lasting business relationship. 
One of my absolute favorite parts of my subscription box was having the carded bible verses that you stuck in there. Does faith play a large part in your business model, or how you Craft your small business?
 Faith plays a huge role in our business. The name Iron Daughters comes from the verse Proverbs 27:17! As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. B and I sharpen each other and along came the name. We are both very active in our church and I am currently studying to (hopefully) become a pastor. Faith is the main foundation to our business, we make our decisions based on how we can give back to our community and God as well as bring his love to all!
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