Why the Mia Mily Hipster Plus Carrier Changed our Game: Mama Likes

When I was pregnant I spent so much time researching what baby carrier we were going to purchase. My sister in law (read sister in love) is a Physical Therapist who works predominantly with pediatrics. I have so many memories from before either one of us were pregnant about how she was seeing hip problems become rampant, and a cause of the problem is incorrect body positioning in a standard baby carrier. Whenever I would find a baby carrier that I liked I would immediately ask her if it met the “M” position that the best carriers have.

As someone who has a great deal of anxiety in public places before having a baby, that became amplified times one hundred when I needed to tote the baby, the idea of baby wearing was really appealing to me. When you hear so many crazy stories about people having their babies abducted or the baby walking away and that panicked feeling–I just thought baby wearing would make us all feel a little safer. It does, by the way…when we are in public make me feel less anxious about what is going to happen as we shop.

We ended up purchasing (or were gifted!) three carriers for baby VC. We have two Moby (stretch) carriers, a Tula, and the Mia Mily.


St. Patrick’s Day with the Moby! Slainte!

When Virginia was a tiny little critter I loved being able to carry her in the Moby. When we were out to eat, running errands, or I needed to cook dinner and she needed to be held it was a genuine lifesaver. Being able to tuck her up like a football was something she really loved, and made it possible for me to eat as well. I would say that it was a vital carrier (So much so that we acquired a second to keep in the car!) for the first twelve weeks. After that though, it was genuinely a hindrance and just did not feel safe to keep Virginia in much longer.

When she got a little sturdier we used the Tula all the time, but as soon as she gained full range of motion with her upper body and neck she would scream because she wanted to look at everything. We needed a forward facing carrier, but I couldn’t find any that met my requirement of holding proper leg and hip position while forward facing. Matt and I loved the Tula because it was SUPER simple to adjust between the two of us. If he wanted to carry her, it was a pull of a strap and adjustments and she was ready to go. We used the infant insert, but the Free to Grow came out a month after she was born–ugh! I still LOVE our Tula. I actually keep it hanging on our coat rack so that when she has a fussy evening before bath time I can wear her while I make dinner or throw some laundry in the wash. She loves the Tula for shorter periods of time, or when there isn’t a new environment to see and explore. We wore Virginia all around Washington D.C. when she was about four months old, and the straps were super comfy and she stayed nice and warm inside!

I did some research when Virginia was started to try and climb out of her Tula to see her surroundings and found Mia Mily on instagram. I was immediately impressed by the sleek look of the carrier, and I loved that it was at a price point we could justify for a daily carrier. The resale values in B/S/T groups seemed to be comparable to Tulas, so I figured if we bought it and hated it that we could easily sell it. But ya’ll…we LOVE this carrier. It is hands down the most efficient and versatile carrier we have used, and we BOTH love it. It is a 3D structured carrier that has a seat for baby and allows them to have proper hip and leg placement and support for long wearing.


Ready to explore Costco with our Hipster Plus!

Even deeper than my love for the Hipster Plus runs Matt’s. He is always wanting and willing to wear her out and about, but the Hipster just looks like a many carrier. A little less girly than my patterned Tula or origami Moby wrap. I love that Virginia can be worn in nine different positions. Right now her favorite is usually just facing outward, but we also traditional carry in the Mia Mily as well. One thing we really loved was that at the beach this summer she was not sweating bullets like she would normally in a structured carrier. There is a panel that unzips and it mesh so that more air ventilates through the carrier. There is also a zipper pouch underneath of the seat where I usually stash my wallet, keys, and a diaper/travel wipes so I do not have to carry the diaper bag with me into Target. (Let us be honest…my main hangout is Target) The seat helps to take all of th pressure and weight off of your own hips and back, which I love!! This seat is also super easy to get baby in and out out–because there is something for her to tangibly sit and be held securely while I get situated.

If I had to limit myself and purchase only one carrier for the next baby Leonard, it would be the Hipster Plus. I also love that a portion of their profits goes to sending formula and baby necessities to those in need. Supporting an awesome company that supports others and getting something as awesome as this baby carrier was an easy choice for us.

Check out Mia Mily Hipster Plus carriers at https://www.miamily.com/

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