The Ultimate Flat: Rothy’s Review


If I had to describe myself in a few sentences, here’s what I’d write.

I am the cheapest–I love a bargain. I love the environment. I love classic styles. I love luxury products. I love things that make my life as a Mama and a wife easier.

As someone who lives in what I would consider a world of neutrals and “smart” wardrobe choices–the things that I really branch out into a fun pattern or statement are my jewelry and my shoes. I can buy a great quality J.Crew sweater and mix it up with some statement jewels, or with a fun pair of flats for a night out. That makes that sweater a good investment, right?

When I was a Freshman in college I found the absolute cutest pair of leopard print ballet flats from Forever 21. They were my size, they had the perfect pattern, they were a soft material, and they met my two major requirements. They were 6.99, and they folded up into my clutch to take to the bar on my friend’s 21st birthday.

They were amazing companions–and I wore them for the better part of 8 years…until they started dying on me. Thus the hunt for the perfect leopard replacement began.

As what I consider to be an ultimate consumer–I had very high expectations. I was ready to invest in a great pair of shoes–so they had to work for me, right?

The Ultimate Leopard Flats:

  • Will not feel like they’re made of “fur”
  • Will not rub my ankles
  • Will be gorgeous, the perfect neutral shades that will go with all blacks, browns, camels, and tans.
  • Will not make my foot sweat.
  • Will be easily cleaned.
  • Will not leave my feet aching after a long day of teaching.

I tried so many different brands. I purchased 3 pairs thinking they were the ones, just to send them back to where they came from each time. I loved my original flats so much that I needed something AMAZING to replace them.

I had previously had a couple of pairs of Tieks, but I didn’t find them to be worth the money. They weren’t washable, they gave my heels blisters during the wearing in process, and I never felt like I got more than a solid year of wear out of them before they began looking less than gorgeous.

Which leads me to where I found my holy grail Cinderella (ballet flat) slippers.

Social Marketing is such a thing ya’ll. No sooner had I started my search for the ultimate replacement I began seeing adds for Rothy’s. After reading some promising reviews and doing my research on the company–I ordered a pair.


Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?

So here’s the skinny on Rothys

They’re good for the environment.

As someone who tries to be very conscientious about what I purchase and from which company’s I support–this was an easy choice for me. They are made from recycled water bottles. For some reason I thought that this would make them hard or rigid, but according to Rothy’s .

“The bottles are sterilized, washed, and chipped into flakes that are spun into a soft fiber. That fiber then goes into a 3-D knitting machine specially programmed to minimize waste. The upper is knit to shape inside the machine and comes out fully formed… It’s then attached to the sole made from recyclable carbon-free rubber…”

The shoes feel like a very soft knit material. I personally LOVE them. They are very breathable.

The sizing can be tricky. 

In Rothy’s I (along with the rest of the consumers online) suggest you go up 1/2 a size in their traditional styles and a whole size in the pointed flat.

They’re machine washable.

When your flats get a bit erhm…scented…by the weekend you can just take out your soles, toss them in the wash on a gentle cold cycle with some great detergent and they’ll dry overnight.

Not going to lie-the first time I washed mine I expected them to take forever to air dry. However, they were dry as a bone when I went to grab them in the morning!

They keep you comfy and dry.

My feet sweat. So do yours, I gather. These seem to wick the sweat away from my feet. I love them! They also hug my narrow feet very nicely, but I also have plenty of friends with wide feet who say their Rothy’s accommodate  them so well, too!

They are so easy to style.

I’ve found myself planning my outfits around my Rothy’s, and not wanting to wear any of my other shoes. Seriously.

I have so many other pairs on my wishlist. They’re amazing.  I’m never taking these off.

Ready to give Rothy’s a try? Use my referral link to get $20 off your new pair of the best shoes you’ll ever have. Full disclosure: I get $20 off a pair for myself, too, when you use this link.