Meet the Ginger

At the age of two Jordan was diagnosed by aMattandGing family friend as having been “vaccinated with a Victrola needle.”

Since her early diagnosis she has only cemented the symptoms even further*. Jordan enjoys giving her opinion on all books, products, and reality television shows that she can consume at a moments notice.IMG_9407

Mr. and Mrs. Kisses

Mr. and Mrs. Kisses

* Report card comments K-12 constantly state Jordan as being, “Chatty, Lively, Talkative” and her personal favorite…”Overly Loquacious”.


Jordan’s dream job is to be the first redheaded Real Housewife of West Virginia. If that doesn’t shake out to fruition, she would “settle” for being a reader/writer/full time mother to an entire hoard of children and rescue dogs. For now, she writes on the side of her full-time job as a teacher.

LEONARD-247Married to her college sweetheart in October 2015, Jordan is really enjoying life as a newlywed. She especially loves the part where he takes the trash out and can reach the top shelves of their kitchen cabinets without a step-stool.





One thought on “Meet the Ginger

  1. Scott L Hayden says:

    It was Poppy’s good friend Tom who said you were vaccinated with a victrola needle to your mom and I as you were doing your best to entertain everyone.
    Poppa Scott.


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