Teacher Appreciation Week?: Musing



Walking into my much adored English classroom on Monday morning, I was filled with immediate excitement. Upon my desk? Two stacks of ungraded papers waiting for my marking and words of encouragement. I had made the executive decision that they could wait at work, while I spent some time enjoying my family. Three reports needing my observations for my student’s receiving special services. Test results showing the major improvements that my student’s have made in their Independent Reading Level throughout the year.  My favorite tea-stained mug waiting to be cleansed for the next week of  keeping me hydrated after doing five different voices in our class read aloud. Seventeen books returned by frantic students, begging to grab something new to read over the weekend because they had finished their novels during fifth period.


I could never begin to count the number of times when I’ve been asked about my profession, when I’ve been given the most ridiculous comments in response.  Here are just a few of my all-time favorites:




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